Stacy's Confectionery Stations
The life of your party

Meet Stacy

As the owner of Stacy's Confectionery Stations, I design candy buffets, donut walls, pretzel walls and bagel walls to bring life to your party, whether it's a wedding or a cooperate event. 

Hi there!


My name is Stacy Ancel, owner of Stacy's Confectionery Stations. I offer custom-designed candy buffets and donut walls for weddings and events in the St. Louis area.

I've lived in St. Louis since I was two. When I was growing up, my parents liked to entertain and would have friends over all the time. It helped that my mom was an amazing cook. She was also quite a foodie; she would drive two hours to try out a new restaurant just because she heard that they had fabulous chicken and dumplings!

So I guess the foodie in me is because of my mom. As long as it's not watermelon or mincemeat pie, I will like it. This is probably why I LOVE what I do!

When I'm designing a candy buffet table, I'll ponder about it for days, playing with the theme and color scheme of your event and doing trial setups at home. My goal is to create something that doesn't just look gorgeous, but also perfectly matches the feel of your event. Whether it's a wedding or a corporate event, my candy buffet table will be a wonderful addition to your party. Want to blow your guests away when they see it? I'll add décor to the setup and make it extra special!

If I have to name my favorite dessert, it's gotta be donuts (or doughnuts, however you spell it). So to add a donut wall to the things I offer was a no-brainer. The best part is, my husband built the donut wall for me! It might not be the craftiest thing you've ever seen, but, with all the donuts you can eat, it's definitely a show-stopper!

Donut worry! I got this.